lørdag 23. juni 2012

Perfect Love

The Love of God is different.

So different, that what we call love, would fade in comparison.

It is not a teenager’s love.
Not the love that starts out feeling like “this is it”, “this will last forever”, so intense and strong, but then fades as time goes by. Disappears almost without anyone noticing. You just discover it one day. It’s gone. Gods Love is nothing like that.

It’s not like the love of a married couple.
It’s not love that you have to fight for, work on for the rest of your life. A love you decide, as a couple, “we will fight for this”. Gods Love is not a love that chooses to love – and then expects booth parts to fight for it, to keep it strong. Gods Love is not like that.

It’s not like the love between siblings.
It’s not a love that stands strong, until the day someone does something unforgivable; and there is no wish to keep in touch, no communication. Where one will hold on to anger, rather than love, it cost too much to ignore ones pride. Gods Love is not like that.

It’s not like the love of friends.
Friends who share the good and bad of life, but then loose contact as the years go by.  Or is divided by a fight, friendship that can’t make room for anyone else. Gods Love is nothing like that.

It is not like the love of parents.
The love that sometimes stays hidden, that the parents don’t know how to show. It is not like the love that sometimes looses its temper. It is not like the love of a parent who turns away from their child. It is not even like the love of the most loving parents, Gods Love is bigger than that.

The love that we know in our lives, from the people around us is not perfect love. Some times it might give us a hint of what Gods Love is like. But the love we know is like a bright, weak pink; Gods Love would be vibrant red. It doesn’t even look like the same color, even though they both contain red.

Gods Love is different

Gods Love is not unsecure
It is not depending on how you feel
It is not something the two of you have to work on to keep intact
It is not something a fight will break, or take away from you
It is not just something you feel
It will never fade
It will never grow
It will never change
It is constant
It is full
It is safe

You cannot break it
Nor throw it away
You cannot make it weaker
Nor make it stronger
It is unchangeable
You cannot remove yourself from it
Or stray to far away for it to reach you
You may not always feel it
It is still there
You do not deserve it
It is still there
The Love of God is not something you can stop
You can ignore it, for ass long as you will
It is still there
You cannot change that
You can refuse to receive it
It will still be heading your way – constantly.
Gods Love is not a love that gives up, and turns away
Gods Love reaches for you
It finds you when you try to hide
It never looses hope
Hope that you one day will say yes, and start receive
Unending Love

The Love of God
John 3:16-17
1Corinthians 13

There is no way of describing perfect Love
You have the chance to receive it
Until then, you’ll never know what Love could be

Or what Love really is

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