torsdag 16. desember 2010

For all them colors in my life

I’d love to write ya’ll a song, but you’ll have to do with this

I’m supposed to clean my room, long over do, so no worries, I will, but first all of them colors in my life popped up in my head. So I just had to write something. It’s been forever since I’ve written anything, so there’s no telling where I’ll end.

It hit me on my way home today, some of my friends have been pretty close to leaving this place way to early, it’s a miracle and nothing less that they’re still here. And I started to think about what every single one of them has brought to my life. And I would not be without a single one of them, there’s so much that would be totally different if just one of my friends or family was missing. .. Scary thought. But not really, ‘cause they’re all still here. And me thinking like that only tells me that I love them. The friends that have been there always, the new friends, the friends I only see a few times every year, or the friends I hardly see at all. All the colors of my life. And what a picture they’ve made! The ones that drives me crazy, that messes up my head, the ones I hardly ever agree with, the ones I’m not always sure I want in my life, the ones I don’t know what I’d do without. The ones I used to have, the ones I’d love to have back. They are all, in a way, reasons why I am who I am. Some have pulled me closer to God, some have pushed me, some have tried desperately to drag me the other way. :) And I’m not sure what I really want to say. I guess I was thinking that without these colors, my life would be pretty boring and white..empty.

So for all them colors. Stay bright

Merry Christmas

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